Women's Bible Studies



What a great study, ladies!  Thank you to everyone who attended and participated during our Summer study, and a special thank you to our hostess, Debbie Kenny and the ladies who assisted her with this summer program.  

Our hostess, Debby Kenny, reading from the scroll of Esther - the whole megillah!

Megillah - it's the Hebrew word for a scroll. In particular, it refers to one of five books of the Old Testament, namely Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther, which are read on certain Jewish special days (and now you know!).

The royal table spread with a feast fit for queens!

Everyone enjoyed the special hand made Hammatashen cookies (Haman's Ears) from Eve Santiago that were so delicious!!

A couple of our feasting ladies.

An evening of good food, fellowship and Biblical instruction was enjoyed by all our ladies.