Our Officers

Our polity allows for two groups of elders that will comprise the Council: stewards and shepherds.  All elders will serve as shepherds because this is the primary role of an elder.  Each stated meeting of the Council will focus on the needs of our congregation.  Each elder will be responsible for the oversight of a certain number of family units.  Additionally, a smaller group of elders designated as stewards will serve as the decision-making group within the Council.  These men will only meet as needed.
Steward Elders    
John Avery
Nominating Committee
​Class of 2019

Mike Bishop
Polity Committee
Class of 2018

Keith Day

​Class of 2020

Bob Edwards
Worship Committee
​Class of 2019

Louis Joseph
​Class of 2019
Bill Kenny
​Class of 2020

Ron Kimery
​Class of 2018

Dale Lewelling
​Class of 2019
Jim Spann
Building Committee
​Class of 2018

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Shepherd Elders
Joe Eades Charlie Fentress Chip Hoffman
Dick Speece William Tice Walt Valentine
Terry Warren    
Our Deacons    
Bill Clark (Chair)  Ron Hamilton Jesse Mayo 
Carlos Lara Mike Miller Roy Pearson
Vernon Prevatt