Fellowship Dinner Groups

New Friends,
More Fellowship, Strong Relationships!

Join a Home Fellowship Dinner Group!

These dinners are a great way to meet each other!  Held once a month for three months in the fall and four months in the spring the groups consist of 8-12 people who gather, on their own schedule, strictly for food and fellowship.  Each group has a "captain" responsible for scheduling the dinners.  Some groups meet in homes, others choose to meet at restaurants in their neighborhoods.  For the groups that meet in homes, different members host the dinner, normally providing the main course.  Other participants bring complimentary dishes to complete the meal. 

Some groups include children where others are for adults only.  You get to pick the type of group in which you wish to participate.  

If you have questions, contact Vickie Cummings by clicking [HERE].

Registration Deadline, Monday, August 27th

Please use this form to register your interest in participating in a Home Fellowship Dinner Group.  Be sure to include your Zipcode with your address.  If you would be interested in being a Group Captain, please make sure to check the appropriate box.  If you are planning to include your children, please make sure you include the number of children that will be participating with you.
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