Friday, December 7, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.
Richland Country Club, 1 Club Drive, Forest Hills, TN 37215

Reservations are now closed.

Because we greatly value your presence and fellowship, the church will again underwrite this happy evening. However, if you would like to help defray the costs, donations can be made online or by check, payable to Westminster Chapel. Place your check in the offering plate on Sunday morning or mail to Westminster Chapel, 7000 Executive Center Dr., Suite 125, Brentwood, TN 37o27. The actual cost per person is $50.


Reservations as of 2:00 PM, December 5, 2018

Adkisson, Floyd German, Kathleen Moore, Steven Taylor, William
Adkisson, Patty Gilchrist, Sid Myrick, Jim Tice, Emily
Andrews, Bill Gilchrist, Tina Myrick, Mary Tice, Lori
Avery, John Gossett, Tom Nichol, Bob Tice, Will
Avery, Sarah Guthrey, Joan Nichol, Prudy Tice, William
Bachmann, Jim Guthrey, Mike ORourke, Cyd Thompson, Emma
Bachmann, Kristen Hale, Danny Park, Hannah Valentine, Annette
Bachmann, Rachel Hale, Marti Park, Kun Valentine, Craig
Bachmann, Stewart Hamilton, Ron Parnell, Gaye Valentine, Krin
Barry, Lisa Hamilton, Sue Parnell, Scott Valentine, Walt
Bates, John Hays, Brenda Pennekamp, Carolyn Vander Woude, George
Bates, Kaki Hays, Don Pennekamp, Robert Vigil, Lupe
Baxter, Dick Hickok, Andrea Pingry, Pat Vigil, Rigo
Baxter, Jane Hickok, Ben Poteet, Ann Wallace, Grant
Bishop, Leslie Hutton, Eddie Potter, Patsy Wallace, Kent
Bishop, Mike Hutton, Linda Potter, Ted Wallace, Jill
Blair, James Ivey, Camille Potts, Carolyn Warren, Arch
Blair, William Jennings, Jerry Powers, Theresa Warren, Beverly
Bonds, Anne Jennings, Nancy Prevatt, Vernon Warren, John
Brownlee, Denny Johnston, Edith Puckett, Margaret Warren, Larry
Brownlee, Sandy Jones, Dave Puckett, Tom Warren, Mary
Camarena, Juan Jones, Karen Pullen, Barksdale Warren, Terry
Carpenter, Christine Joseph, Louis Pullen, Bo Wheeler, Marion
Clark, Bill Joseph, Susan Raymer, Caleb Whitaker, Kim
Clark, Susan Ann Kenny, Bill Raymer, Debbie White, Arlene
Compson, Jim Kenny, Debbie Raymer, Jerry Whitfield, Jill
Compson, Linda Kimery, Donna Ritoch, Patty Whitfield, Lewis
Counts, Angela Kimery, Ron Roche, Charles Wilk, Alva
Counts, King Laben, Bob Roche, Fern Wilk, Frank
Crim, Joy Laben, Joyce Rodgers, Deborah Williams, Linda
Crim, Wayne Lara, Anne Rodgers, John Williamson, Craig
Cummings, Tim Lara, Carlos Russell, Dan Wilson, Wendy
Cummings, Vickie Lawrence, Alice Russell, Deena Wolfe, Alva
Daniels, Denise Lawrence, David Rye, Scott Wood, Joyce
Daniels, Scott Lewelling, Brenda Sadler, Ellen Wood, Steve
Dawson, Collier Lewelling, Dale Santiago, Eve Ziady, Lee
Dawson, Robbie Mayo, Jesse Sarlo, Jesse Ziady, Lika
Day, Keith Mayo, Kim Sarlo, Jolanta  
Day, Pam McBride, Kim Serie, Bill  
Dorsa, Diane McDonald, Ed Serie, Shannon  
Edwards, Betsy McDonald, Lodie Smith, Cullen  
Edwards, Bob McFadden, Henry Smith, Frances  
Ellis, Chip McGowan, Anthony Smith, Jerolyn  
Evett, Jan McGowan, Winona Smith, Tom  
Fentress, Charlie McMillin, Debby Snider, Paul  
Fentress, Juanita Meek, Susie Spann, Janet  
Frazier, Frank Monger, Carol Spann, Jim  
Frazier, Kristy Monger, Lyle Speece, Dick  
German, David Moore, Peggy Tarkington, Janet  
German, Eli Moore, Rebecca Tarkington, Ray  

Special Note:  This year, salads will already be plated and you will be able to select your preference of dressing.

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