The adolescent years can be very turbulent for many teens. They can also be a time when a young person is ripe for the gospel harvest! More than ever, young people need devout role models in the church and home. At Stephens Valley Church, our desire is to teach, encourage, and model the Christian life so our young people are well grounded in their faith before leaving home for college.

Sunday School
We have two classes, one for grades 6-8 and another for grades 9-12. Sometimes the youth meet as a large group for singing and announcements before breaking into their respective Sunday School classes. Teachers are carefully selected so we have effective communicators of the Scripture and godly role models our youth will respect. As our church body grows, our class configurations will change to better serve the youth.

Discipleship Groups have proven to be an excellent way for young people to grow in Christ. They are small group Bible studies led by mature adults and divided by gender to encourage open, honest, and authentic communication. In addition to weekly Bible studies, D-groups will often take on service projects and engage in fellowship outings where other friends can be invited.  

Missions Trips
Participating in a missions trip is a strategic way to expose our youth to believers from other cultures. Our plan is to have “graded” mission trips with the middle schoolers limited to more local mission/service opportunities, the 9th-10th graders expanding their outreach to the southeastern region, and our 11th-12 graders serving in places like Honduras, Peru, and Mexico in past years.

Reformed Youth Ministries (RYM) 
RYM is a summer conference that presents solid Biblical teaching each morning and evening. Afternoons are free and afford kids the opportunity to make new Christian friends among the hundreds of other students from like-minded churches in attendance.