Our History

During the summer months of 2016, about 85-90 people began an evening Bible study in Nashville. This study was so well attended, and the fellowship so warm and welcoming, that by early fall the participants decided to form a new church. By December the congregation numbered in excess of 150 and called Rev. Jim Bachmann to serve as the organizing pastor of the new church, now named Westminster Chapel. Pastor Jim answered the call, coming from Covenant Presbyterian Church in Green Hills where he served for twenty-five years as senior pastor and grew that membership from thirty-eight to over 2,200.

The fledging Westminster Chapel first worshiped at Brentwood Sheraton Hotel, then moved to Julia Green Elementary School where the congregation meets while awaiting the construction of its new church in Stevens Valley, a planned community in the western part of Davidson County. The name Westminster Chapel was borrowed from the historic church in London by the same name, known for the outstanding leadership of former pastors such as G. Campbell Morgan and Martin Lloyd-Jones. Westminster Chapel of Nashville seeks to emulate that church's example of expository preaching and community outreach and eagerly looks forward to the future God has planned for it.